Ask and Ye Shall Receive?


Have you ever received a message from someone you were just thinking about?  Or called someone only to hear her exclaim, “I was just thinking about you!”

How do you feel when this happens? Excited? Freaked out? Downright paranoid?

I was going through old photographs a few months ago and came across a photo of a schoolmate I had bumped into in Mexico once. This person and I weren’t especially close but, that very same day I was sorting through the photos, she sent me a message on Facebook, maybe even while I was looking at that old photo. Weird right? Or maybe it’s just a coincidence?

It’s times like these when total paranoia or indifference can set in. “How did she know?” “Am I being watched?” “WTF is going on here?!” Or, “Whatever man. This s*#$ happens all the time.” And, you know, I might have had that very response a few years ago.

But now? Now, it just confirms that we really are all connected and that our thoughts are powerful creators that can manifest even the most seemingly minute things in our lives.

I moved into a new apartment recently. I had made a list of what I wanted in my next apartment and upon reviewing it later realized I’d found one that met all the criteria – aside from the budget which, while possible to find, was unrealistic in terms of what I really wanted in an apartment. Basement suites and dodgy neighbourhoods were a definite ‘no thank you’ so I had to up my budget a bit.

So what was on the list?

Character. It had to have character. And with floors that slope in various directions – I have to walk down to get to my kitchen sink and work extra hard to maintain my balance when doing yoga in the bedroom – I was most definitely able to check ‘character’ off my list.

Oddly enough though, I hadn’t liked the apartment when I first saw it, in part because it was very cluttered with the previous tenant’s stuff. I felt the need to get out as soon as I walked in, but I was drawn back to it for some reason, perhaps because it really did fit all the criteria on my list:

  •       Character
  •       Good landlords who live off site
  •       Good neighbours and neighbourhood
  •       Top floor
  •       Bright
  •       Separate kitchen
  •       Quiet fridge

Check, check, check, check, check, check, nearly check.  While it does stay off for the most part, I’m quite sensitive so the occasional fridge noise can still be a little irksome.

When I finally took possession I could see that the apartment was in dire need of a new paint job, something I usually wait to do until I’ve been living in the space for a while. I had purple and grey in mind before I took possession, had been searching for bedspreads, a sofa, cushions, curtains and managed to find most of what I thought might fit, on sale, with the intention of taking it back if it didn’t look good in the space.

My mum and I went shopping for paint. I drove us to a neighbourhood where I thought we’d find a Home Depot, never checking to see that there were, in fact, not one but two paint stores in close vicinity to my house.

As it turns out, I was mistaken about the Home Depot and as we were navigating our way around this unfamiliar neighbourhood in an attempt to find one, we stumbled across a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

We decided to check it out. I was also in need of some door handles for my kitchen cupboards and a rod for my shower curtain. And wouldn’t you know it, not only did my mum stumble upon the one and only rod in the store for five bucks, but we found door handles for a buck a piece. Not bad considering it’s always a bit of a crapshoot when you’re looking for something specific in a store stocked primarily with donations.

To top it off though, I also found a gallon of gunmetal grey paint for nine dollars and a small can of deep purple paint for three dollars. What luck, right?

Well, what if it was more than luck? What if it was all a part of my having put the thought out there about what I wanted or needed? Could the universe have responded by taking me on the detour that led me to the Habitat Store where I found the things I needed for way less money than I had intended to spend? Had I been ‘divinely guided’ somehow? How much had my own intuition contributed to the adventure?

I mean, come on, the chances of finding paint in the colours I wanted were slim to none amidst the poorly mixed “shitty” browns and putrid greens nobody seemed to want.

First the wish list for the apartment and now this. How wonderful!

Oh yes, and then there’s the duvet cover that magically appeared on sale at 75% off, the last one because it had been discontinued, in exactly the size and colours I was wanting.

Everything just seemed to come together, albeit with a bit of running around, making mistakes, and getting lost first. After all, we can’t just be sitting around waiting for these things to happen. There’s some work involved in the process.

Groceries don’t just magically appear in your fridge because you’ve made a list. But have you ever been grocery shopping to find that many of your favourite items are on sale? I certainly have and I’d like to believe it’s more than mere luck or coincidence.

A girlfriend of mine made a list once outlining all the qualities she was looking for in a man, in a partner in life, and within the hour she received a text message from a guy she knew, a guy who fit all the criteria. They re-connected, are happily engaged to be married, and have become the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Coincidence? Good timing? Sheer luck? Perhaps.

I don’t know though. Making lists may seem frivolous or appear to be merely wishful thinking but, as I look around my newly decorated apartment, eat my favourite groceries just bought on sale, and walk down to my kitchen sink to do the dishes, I’ve come to learn that if we put it out there clearly enough, are willing to do the work, and believe that we deserve it, the universe is willing to help us out and what we wish for can materialize almost instantly.

living room 1

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