Focusing on the Horizon

Horizon Two

When I flew to New York for my 40th birthday last month, I experienced a number of cancellations and delays. My flight out of Toronto was cancelled due to thunderstorms in New York. I was lucky enough to arrive in time to catch the earlier flight; one that was delayed to the point of leaving at the same time my original flight would have left.

On the way back from New York nearly a week later, there were high winds in Toronto so my original flight was cancelled. I was put on a later flight, which worked out well because it allowed me to spend more time with my friend.

Then, upon arriving at the airport, I discovered that my new flight was delayed and then further delayed, and then further delayed until we finally took off about 3 hours later.

While these things are inconvenient, and many people get all worked up about them, I’ve learned to just go with the flow in situations like these. What’s the point in getting upset about something that is out of one’s control?

I didn’t used to be this calm. These things would irritate me and I’d often find myself complaining about it in some form or another. “Why me?” “Why on my birthday of all days?” “But I’m going to miss my connecting flight.” “I really wanted to see that show and now I’m going to miss it.” “Grrrrrr.”

But here again lies the Ego; that complaining voice we all know and love is just another part of the game we play with ourselves. And what a waste of precious energy.

We’ve all done it, and even when we don’t want to, we can find ourselves getting caught up in the game, jumping onto that grumbling, rumbling train that just goes around and around the track we’ve neatly assembled on the playroom floor.

And when one person starts, it’s hard not to join in. In fact, it’s often easier to just give in to the repetitive and stagnant motion, especially if things keep seemingly falling off track for us.

I have found myself complaining again recently. Complaining about the fact that I’m being paid the same wage as I was ten years ago for doing similar work while my rent, considered cheap for downtown, is nearly twice as much as it was back then. So why am I doing that work then?

Complaining about spending money on public transit and precious time to attend an interview for a temporary job that was going to pay this meager wage and then having to fill out credit checks and paperwork in order to secure said temporary job. So why did I do it then?

Get off the train, Pippa!

It’s confusing, this lack of clarity I’m feeling in regards to my direction in life and yet I know, deep down, that something new and exciting is on the horizon.

THIS is what I know I need to be focusing on. The horizon.

In a meditation group I attended not too long ago we were asked to close our eyes and focus on the horizon, whatever that looked like for us. That line where the earth meets the sky and all becomes one. There is a sense of calm and unity that comes with doing this.

At one point, years ago, I imagined myself in a job that would take place up in the air, close to that calm horizon. A job with Westjet. I even applied by writing them a poem in response to their question, “Why Westjet?” I’ve included the poem at the end of this post.

Westjet is the airline I flew to New York last month, an airline that has since offered me a 50% discount off my next flight as a means to apologize for the delays and inconvenience I experienced on that trip.

As a writer, a job that never stops, being stuck anywhere is never much of a problem as there is always something to do, something interesting to observe, or new people to meet. And the people at Westjet are always friendly which eases the pain. But I am grateful for the unexpected gesture just the same.

I never did get that job with Westjet but that doesn’t mean I’ve completely lost my focus on the horizon. It’s just shifted a little since then.

There’s a quote I think of often now, “Whatever does or does not happen is for my highest good.”

“Whatever does or does not happen is for my highest good.”

Well, I might not have spent the last ten years flying high in the sky with Westjet, and I may find myself stuck on a train of negative thinking losing sight of the horizon from time to time, but with this new awareness – one I could only have gained through all of those things that did or did not happen – I can now bring my focus back, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Horizon One

Why Westjet

I traveled with Westjet
Just a short time ago
Five flights in two weeks
It was go go go!

The agents were friendly
Professional and fun
We spoke free and easy
And got things done

A connection was made
Like we’d been friends for years
I wanted to say,
“I’ve got a layover in Calgary,
Wanna go for some beers?”

At the airport we celebrated
Westjet was ten!
The passengers won prizes
And we all made new friends.

We were now all a part
Of the Westjet community
A bond had been formed
A kinship, a unity

We were in this together
Through thick and through thin
It felt good
It felt safe
It was win win win!

The flights they were light
A little bumpy at times
But the fun was still had
Now I’m lost for what rhymes

I’ll close now by saying
“I want to work for you”
In a dynamic environment
With your happy crew

The customer comes first
And there’s so much to know
The sky is the limit
With still more room to grow

And how many Pippas
Are a part of your crew?
I’d like to be the first
Or meet other Pippas too!

Honest, dynamic
Professional with wit
That’s me
And that’s Westjet
It’s a perfect fit!

View from plane

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