Energy – Part One – Choosing Our Partners Wisely


Have you ever noticed that you feel drained after spending time with a particular friend or group of people? Or, on the flipside, perhaps there’s someone who’s guaranteed to always lift your spirits every time you connect?

Maybe it’s your cat or your dog when you find them waiting anxiously at the door each time you come home. There’s an energy between you. They sense your impending arrival long before you get there so the excitement can build to a crescendo of sheer joy when you open that door and they leap into your arms.

When I was taking an Improv dance class at Lynda Raino Dance in Victoria, BC a number of years ago, I noticed something very interesting.

Improv, while it might sound free and easy, is actually very challenging; moreso than most types of dance for many people because it forces you to be in the moment, to get into your body and out of your head and to, well, improvise.

There IS some structure to it in that the teacher gives you some initial instruction, but the rest is up to you and your body.

The instruction during one of my classes was to partner up with someone and move together in whatever way worked.

This could involve body contact or not.

There was no music.

There were no rules.

And we were instructed to change partners throughout the exercise.

What I found most interesting was how different the energy between two people instructed to do the same thing can be.

I found myself low to the ground and hardly moving at all with one partner, and with the next I was running around the room, jumping in the air, giggling and being silly.

And it all had to do with our individual energies and what happened when they merged.

I learned a lot that day about surrounding myself with the right people – the right energy – and how easily things can shift from one moment to the next with just the simple switch of a partner.

Who are YOU dancing with?

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