Sometimes All it Takes is a Jar of Mint Jelly

My Religion is Kindness CU

I witnessed a lovely “Random Act of Kindness” today. I passed a younger woman handing a jar of mint jelly to an elderly woman with a walker. The elderly woman was saying that she (the younger woman) “couldn’t do that.” As I passed by, the younger woman told the elderly woman, “I just did” and, after a bit more of a chat between the two of them, started walking away in my direction.

We got chatting and she explained that the elderly woman hadn’t been able to get up the stairs into the shop and had asked the younger woman if she could check to see if the shop carried mint jelly. The younger woman simply bought the jelly for her.

We walked and talked, ever so briefly, about Random Acts of Kindness and how what “goes around” usually does “come around”, but that it’s more about how good it feels to do something kind like that for someone else. So why wouldn’t you if you could?

We all walked away from the experience, even me as a simple witness to it, with an overall good feeling and smiles on our faces. And, of course, those smiles and good vibes were then shared with the rest of the world.

Hooray! for Mint Jelly and for Random Acts of Kindness.

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